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Buy Freedom ... Former FoI chief Kevin Dunion gives lessons to authorities

A FORMER anti-privacy tsar is coining it in by training public bodies in how to deal with requests for data.

Ex-Scottish Information Commissioner Kevin Dunion, 58, offers £1,620 classes to council, police, NHS and other state staff.

They're taught how to deal with Freedom of Information requests including what can be censored or withheld.

Ex-journalist Bill Chisholm has petitioned Holyrood to overhaul FoI law amid fears the process is too complex.

He said: "The average citizen would need a degree or at least a certificate in Freedom of Information practice to navigate the multiple legal strands.

"While no such course or qualification is available to members of the general public, the same cannot be said for so-called FOI practitioners in the public sector."

Dunion  who promotes the schemes, run by Act Now Training in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire  insisted: "My commitment to increasing the public's right to know is well-established.

"The point of this training is to ensure authorities do provide people with information to which they are entitled."

Nats MSP Chic Brodie, far right, who plans to raise concerns about such courses at Holyrood, said: "There would be an advantage in giving new training to the public."

Dunion stood down as the nation's info chief in 2012. He held the post twice and served a total of nine years.

First published by the Scottish Sun on May 18, 2014


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